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University of Miami College of Law, Juris Doctor, May 1995

Admitted to the Florida Bar September 1995. 

Florida International University, FL, Bachelor of Science, In Computer Science, April 1984


Chris Brown has a Solo Private Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale FL, with Civil Litigation in County Court, Criminal Circuit Court, Civil Circuit Court, Civil Federal Court representing clients in a variety of legal matters encompassing Family Law, Civil Litigation and Personal Injury, Business Litigation, Landlord/Tenant and General Civil Disputes For the past 26 years to the present.

Chris is running for County Court Judge

Chis seeks to offer his experience, hard work, and dedication to serve the people of Broward County. With Chris’ diverse background he has the ability and confidence to handle every type of case that may come before him. His management skills and background will allow him to manage a docket efficiently. Chris has experienced the operation of courtrooms by various judges from county court to the federal system. Chris also has a background in computer science and his ability to utilize current courtroom technologies will only enhance his effectiveness in running a courtroom. These efficiencies and experiences will allow Chris to provide quick and fair access to the courts for all people of Broward County.


Chris Brown’s life experiences, both personal and professional, legal, and business experience are his foundation for serving as a judge that the community will be proud of. Chris is experienced in a vast array of legal areas and a vast array of knowledge of courtroom procedures from county court to federal court. He is above all respectful, dedicated, loyal to the law, and committed to justice for the people of Broward County. Chris’ decision-making is reasoned, decisive and fair.


Chris has taken trials to jury verdict in Circuit Criminal, County Civil, Circuit Civil, Federal Civil. In addition to his litigation experience he has negotiated civil contracts, family law settlement agreements and personal injury and civil dispute resolutions. In the practice of law, Chris Brown has developed the skill and temperament to deal with difficult parties, difficult clients, and difficult attorneys, in a manner that maintains the dignity of the practice of law without compromising his client’s interest. 



Chris has been married to his wife, Mindy Brown, for 37 years. He has been a Broward County resident for 34 years.   Chris and his wife, Mindy raised three children in Broward County. All of whom attended public schools.   The Brown’s youngest child, who passed away at the age of 33 in 2017, had a serious medical condition and received special education services.  This life experience taught Chris the value of every human life and the struggle that exists in navigating the health care industry and educational system. This experience also helped him develop the ability and persistence to overcome obstacles which every person and family faces from time to time.


Chris was raised by his mother and stepfather and he has expressed an immense amount of gratitude for the character and honesty they instilled in him. They were not wealthy yet they gave him blessings far beyond any monetary assistance which he continues to appreciate to this day.  Chris began working when he was 14 years old and has always understood the value of hard work. During his life Chris has held fast to his faith and that faith has brought him to where he is today.  All of his experiences, personal and professional, are what gives him the empathy to be the kind of Judge that the people of Broward County will be proud of.  


We ask for your vote because of Chris Brown’s experience, hard work, integrity, and respect for the people of Broward County. He will embody what being a judge should be. Chris always listens to everything everyone has to say before responding. This one simple habit has served him well and will be invaluable on the bench as he avoids any prejudgments. It is ingrained in his character to treat everyone inside and outside of the courtroom with dignity and respect. Chris has the ability to explain complex matters in a way in which anyone can understand.  Chris Brown has a rich diverse legal background which provides him with the experience that is necessary to run a courtroom efficiently and fairly.


Doing the right thing comes naturally for Chris Brown. His proven experience, service and integrity will serve him well in his duties as a County Court Judge in Broward County.  He is committed to provide the people of Broward County with the kind of Judge we need and deserve. Chris has flexibility to react to any situation with reason, integrity, and fairness.   His computer science background and his time as a correctional officer for Dade County Corrections Department only enhances his ability to serve the people of Broward County in what will continue to be a fast-moving implementation of technology in the court room. The voters of Broward County will agree that Chris Brown is the right judge for the Job based on his dedication and commitment to making our community better.

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